Talk: Emily Chappell – What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier’s Story (Thurs April 14)

Talk: Emily Chappell – What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier’s Story (Thurs April 14)

A beautiful new view of the city from a talented writer and cycle courier and adventurer. Emily Chappell talks about her new book, What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier’s Story. 

Our vision

Roll for the Soul is a not-for-profit bike café, workshop and event space. We aim to celebrate and support bike and DIY culture. We offer a space where interesting things can happen, like a village hall in the middle of town. We’ve got the space, you’ve got the ideas, so let’s reclaim a bit of the city centre for things that might just hold back the rising tide of homogenisation. DIY music, art exhibitions, fundraisers, making and doing.

We love bikes, but we also work hard to attract folks who’ve yet to discover the joy of two wheels so that we can show them what they’re missing. We have a cafe and workshop side by side, so you can get a good feed, a good coffee, and get your bike fixed up all at the same time. We also act as a hub for all things bike-related. So if you want space for your cycling group or club to meet, or you just want to find out what’s going on in the world of pedal power, give us a shout. Find out more about Roll for the Soul.


Roll for the Soul cafe and workshop
Unit 2, St Lawrence House,
Quay Street, Bristol

Cafe Opening Hours

Monday and Tuesday 0800 – 1800

Wednesday to Friday 0800 – 2100 (2300 when we have live music) 

Saturday 1000 – 2100 (2300 when we have live music, kitchen closed between 1500 and 1700)

Closed on Sundays

(We prep food in the mornings, so we no longer offer cooked breakfasts. The kitchen opens for food service at 1130, but you’re very welcome to grab drinks, cakes, pastries, toast, fruit or muesli before then. The kitchen closes an hour before cafe closing time each day, or at 1800 when we have live music in the evening. Please check the calendar on the right for listings. The kitchen is also closed from 1500 to 1700 on Saturdays.)

Workshop Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 0900 – 1730

Saturday 1000 – 1730

Closed on Sundays