Workshop bookings open. With no waiting list. Woo-hoo!

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The RftS workshop taking shapeThat’s right, we’re nearly there! The fit-out crew are working their little hearts out, Rob’s as stressed as a high-tension radially-spoked aero wheel, the espresso machine is installed and keeping us all deliciously caffeinated… and the workstands have arrived!

As well as the café, RftS will have a fully-equipped and professionally-staffed workshop, which’ll also be home to our retail and education (sounds boring, but learning about bikes is fun, kids!) doings. All slap-bang in the city centre. Not only that, but we’ll be open beyond the usual business hours. So whether it’s an emergency repair on the commute, or the need to pick up / drop off your trusty two-wheeled steed* at a time that suits you, we’ll be there.

Offering a full range of service options from simple brake block replacements to complete overhauls, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to work on every type of bike: daily commuters and folders (including Bromptons), high end MTB’s and race/road machines, touring bikes, fixed, whatever. We’ll get it running as smoothly as mechanically possible. For a full breakdown of our services and prices, clickee here.

We also offer full custom build services and are super-keen renovators of vintage road bikes. So if you need someone with the know-how to put together your dream bike, bring a bit of life back to your dad’s old pride and joy, or build a top notch set of wheels before you embark on your next adventure tour, RftS is the place for you.

What’s even more exciting right now is that we have no waiting list! During ‘summer’ many of the established shops have a wait of anything up to four weeks (trust us, main mechanic Ryan has just come from working in the busiest workshop in Bristol). But we’re ready, willing and able to get you back on the road in a jiffy. The workshop diary, phone and email go live at 9am this Friday, June 21, and we’ll be fettling and tinkering as of our opening date of Monday July 1.

To book your slot now contact us on either 07596 917963 or at and we’ll be as happy as pigs in GT85 to get our hands dirty on your behalf.

Peace and grease,

Ryan and the RftS workshop crew


*Unicycles, tricyles and cargo bikes also serviced with love.