Workshop tool, stand hire and tutelage now available!

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Well, well, well; what a great 3 months we’ve had at RftS Towers and since opening on Monday July 1st; we’ve served umpteem numbers of cakes and coffee, we’ve filled bellies with Soul Burgers, Khobez Wraps and our enourmous Mezze Platter, and we’ve had a fully booked workshop day in day out servicing everything from about-town beaters to full Dura Ace Di2 equipped road machines; you can’t say we don’t have a broad range of bikes we can and will work on!

IMAG0020 Today marks another first for us too.  Sam from Bristol University Cycling Club (up above with his new Principia rebuild looking all chipper!) came in asking if he could rent some tools from us and learn how to install his headset…the answer, of course, was yes!

We’re about more than just fixing bikes and serving coffee; we want YOU to get your hands dirty too!  As the well known proverb goes; “Give a cyclist a Park Tools HCW11 and they’ll look at you weirdly.  Explain what it is and how to use it and they’ll properly adjust their cup and cone bottom bracket for life!”

Our partners at The Bristol Bike Project have two great courses designed especially for those who want to start learning and then improve on their bike maintenance knowledge and skills; so if it’s starting from scratch and gaining a broad knowledge or getting deep and dirty on an intensive course then they’re the people for you.   They also run a very popular weekly ‘bike kitchen’ where you can mend your own bike as well as having plenty of opportunities for volunteers to give some time to an awesome organisation and scrub up on their spannering skills to boot.

But what if you’ve just got that one job that you need to do but currently lack the tools and know how? What if you really feel the itch for one on one in depth tutelage,  Or what if you REALLY want put the last touches to your machine before the weekend ride but just don’t have the tool?!  Then that’s where we come in!  Along with the topnotch Jake’s Bikes we’re now the second Workshop in Bristol offering stand, tool hire and tutelage during the day. So for our standard hourly workshop labour charge (£35) you can use our tools, stands and consumables and have our mechanic on hand to talk you through the tricky bits and answer any questions. Can’t say fairer than that!

Tutelage and day time tool hire* is dealt with exactly like our other workshop services, so either pop in on the day to see if we can fit you in or, better yet, ring us in advance on 07596 917 963 to book yourself a slot!

*(Look out for our evening stand and tool hire scheme coming soon too! As well as our brand spanking new monthly masterclasses!)


Peace and Grease,

Ryan and the workshop team