The first floor

Unfortunately we no longer offer a private meeting space on the first floor, as The Hub has become a permanent work space for some of our creative friends.

We can still offer a flexible space upstairs, however, including a 40″ TV for presentations and screenings. This space isn’t private, so is generally not suitable for daytime events when the adjoining bike workshop is open. But if you think that this space might suit your evening event, please email or call us on 07856 544 471 to make an enquiry. Pricing is decided on an event-by-event basis, but as a rough guide we would charge £30 per hour for the large upstairs space on a commercial rate.

Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access to the first floor.

Events in the cafe

We’re happy to discuss use of the downstairs cafe space for events, but it isn’t suitable for talks or film screenings because of noise from the open kitchen. Again, please call  07856 544 471 or email to enquire.