personal_bestNothing beats bowling along on a bike on a sunny day, but music comes a close second in our list of loves. 

The grand tour doping circus feels a long way removed from our experience of cycling. We feel a much closer connection to DIY music. All music that people don’t make a living from is DIY to an extent. But we mean musicians who value a hands-on approach, rather than wanting to get rich so that they can employ someone to peel the grapes on their rider. It’s about a sense of community, helping each other out, being inclusive, being creative, doing something for the love of it, having fun. And all of that resonates very much with what we hope to do with Roll for the Soul. Profit as a motive leads to some pretty weird decisions. Doing something because you value it for its own sake seems better.

We host live music mostly on Fridays and Saturdays, or sometimes other days if it’s quiet enough not to disturb our neighbours. Turns out we don’t share their tastes, which is why we don’t do as much music downstairs as we did during the golden era in which we were surrounded by building sites.

We’re primarily a cafe rather than a club, so it’s all very low-key. We mostly host shows for a handful of local promoters who are also friends. So we’re probably the wrong venue if you’re from outside Bristol and don’t have good links with bands/promoters here. It is 100% DIY in that we just provide the space and the PA. Promoters and/or bands do everything else.

Please click here read our FAQs. If it all sounds good to you and you want to ask about putting on a show, please email Definitely feel free to ask, but please don’t be offended if we say no. Doing shows has become increasingly difficult since all the buildings around us have been converted into flats, so we can’t say yes as often as we’d like.

You might also be interested in the CD that we made featuring bands who played at RftS in 2014 (the start of the aforementioned golden era). Read about it here. We still have a few copies if you want one.