Go and tidy your room! Now!

Posted by: on Jan 26, 2013 | No Comments

Progress. That’s a nice word. Getting somewhere. Ticking things off the list. Rolling inexorably on.

Well we are making progress. But sometimes it feels a bit one-step-forwards-two-steps-back. This is a photo of the premises we’re working hard to secure. (This is all you’re getting for now. No big announcement until we’ve sealed the deal.)

We’ve been after this place since last October because we’re convinced it’s a winner. But for various reasons it’s taken more than three months from first expressing an interest to actually having a proper look around. That finally happened on Friday January 18, 2013. This picture shows what we found in the area we hadn’t been able to see by peering through the windows. Ouch. That’s going to need a bit of a tidy.

In the last week we’ve been back a couple more times to look around again, take detailed measurements, prod, poke, peel, turn taps, flick light switches and think about how we make this into the glorious Roll for the Soul vision that’s in our heads. And on January 25 we had our survey done. (Report pending. Fingers crossed.)

Thank goodness we’ve got some help. As has so often been the case over the last few months, when we’ve needed a hand from someone who really knows their stuff, that person has popped up. In this case it’s an architect called Andrew Iles from Willmore Iles. Andrew heard about RftS through a friend and asked if he could help. He already has – hugely – and we’ve only met with him once so far.

Andrew and his colleagues are guiding us through the labyrinth of compliance and best practice relating to fire safety, the Disability Discrimination Act, security, licensing and planning law. And they’re going to help us create a lovely space where people will want to be. We could figure it out ourselves eventually, but it’d take a long time and we’d certainly make some mistakes. So it’s fantastic to have Andrew and co. giving us the benefit of their considerable experience and skill.

We’ll see what the survey says, and hopefully quickly agree with the landlord who’ll pay for what work to be done on the place. Then, with a bit of luck, we can finally sign our lease and tell you where Roll for the Soul will be. And in the meantime we’ll be getting on with planning the space to make it mind-bogglingly easy on the eye, accessible, comfortable, usable and all the other adjectives that are on our long list of must-haves. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.