Things wot we ‘ave seen…

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Crikey, it’s not often that we get a spare five minutes in the workshop to write blog posts. But that’s what can happen when you open up a 25-year-old hub gear for servicing only to find most parts have rusted away.

There have been a fair few people and bikes that have turned up these past few months, we thought we’d share with you just a few of those delights while giving some shout outs to those that have provided us with some pretty pictures.

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So…What are they all then?!  Working downwards we’ve start with a stand FULL of folding and small-wheeled bikes (fronted by a vintage Moulton) after the Folding Bike Club of Bristol paid us a visit en masse  for a nice cuppa.  Next up we have a rather nice and rather yellow vintage Certini with full on Campagnolo gruppo the colour scheme (and hubs) of which took our head mechanic’s fancy somewhat.

The next set of three photos are from Anne and Clement who were touring the UK and popped in after Anne’s cranks started to go awry. A quick swap out and they were on their way having come and hung out in the workshop and fettled alongside us for an hour or so. We were more than happy to get them on the go again.  Clement had hand made his own leather saddle having rescued the rails before riveting a new skin onto them;. Et voila!  These two are involved with ‘Un P’tit Velo dans le Tete‘ which, our lack of of French aside, looks to be an awesome  advocacy and action organisation.

The nice red machine is in fact one of our first complete overhauls, a customer’s old-skool Reynolds 653 Ribble once again equipped with Campy goodies. We get out frames powder coated at Griffs Reality Motorworks who have always provided excellent service. Strip down and rebuilds are £120 but that includes the cost of brand new inner and outer cables as well as replacement bearings throughout. So if you’ve an old steed that really needs bringing back to life then that’s the package for you!  For this rebuild we sourced replacement parts such as now out-of-production cones for the rear hub, so we have accounts with the same suppliers that supply such venerable restoration companies such as Mercian and Argos Racing Cycles. We’re becoming ever-better placed to help get vintage machines back on the road!  Look out for Ryan’s L’eroica build, coming at some point, probably.

Finally a quick snap of a great early-90s aluminium Cannondale that Peter bought in for a full service and had some lovely Mavic hubs. Some of the earliest to use sealed cartridge bearings if we’re not mistaken. (Let us know if we are!). It was a joy to work with and Peter later helped identify a the head mechanic’s mystery Kona frame that’s now been built up into a bombing single-speeder to tackle the woods with. (It’s a  Kilauea, just so you know.)

Right, over and out folks. I’m heading downstairs to try one of Sam’s new ‘Ventoux Fuel’ coffees. Just a dash of brandy and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Mmm.