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The library. Shhhhhh!

Posted by: on Jan 15, 2014 | No Comments

librarySelf-improvement. The search for knowledge. We’re all about that, oh yes we are. Which is why we have a lovely selection of cycling books for you to browse when you’re sipping your drink or munching your grub.Collect your coffee from the end of the bar and right there beside you is a lovely bookshelf (made of slate from an old snooker table, dontchaknow?) from which you can pluck a tome to flick through. We’ve all sorts, from old-school maintenance manuals to miscellanies recent biographies (yes, L*nce is represented).

There’s also a bookcase upstairs with copies of Boneshaker, Rouleur, and several people’s stashes of old mountain bike mags. Do feel free to take them to the toilet. For reading.