Talk: Sarah Connolly on the 2017 women’s season (Thurs Jan 26)

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wmnsprocycleSarah Connolly lives mostly on the internet, where she talks about pro women’s cycling for a living. She podcasts, writes, works on race social media, and even commentates on races for live TV. She’ll look ahead to the 2017 women’s season, across disciplines, and will explain what makes women’s racing different from but just as good as men’s.

Sarah says “We’re in a really exciting time for professional women’s cycling. Not long ago it was pretty much invisible outside of the Olympics and world champs, but it’s now possible to watch more of the races than ever before. We get the iconic classics, stage races like the women’s Giro, and most excitingly, roadside in the UK, as the best riders in the world compete in front of us. There’s still a long way to go before we have parity with the men, but there’s never been a better time to get into the sport.”

This evening will be for anyone from hardcore fans to total newbies, and will look ahead to the 2017 season. Which are the races to watch, and who should we cheer for?  How can we watch them?  What are the major storylines from the last few years that are going to affect the racing?  Where should the sport be heading?  All this, plus any questions you might have (and you’ll see from Sarah’s website that she has really in-depth knowledge of the sport).

As well as the website, you can follow Sarah on Twitter and Tubmlr.

Talk starts at 7.30pm. We’ll stop serving hot food at 7.00pm so that we can get the clattery clearing up done first. Cakes and drinks will be available throughout.   

Free entry.