Talk: Fin Fighters shark conservation (Thurs April 16)

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fin_fightersFin Fighters is an ambitious new UK shark conservation organisation; on a mission to protect sharks worldwide and end the sale and distribution of shark fin in the UK by the year 2023.

By empowering local communities through science, education, conservation and action, Fin Fighters is creating a growing movement of people working together to make a difference. This speaking tour is lead by founder Lou Ruddell, who will be talking about the importance and brilliantness of sharks, what the organisation is doing to protect them and how people can get involved.

Fin Fighters is currently running a Fin Free campaign up the road in Bath and soon in Sheffield and Brighton. They hope Bristol will join in too!

The talk will be upstairs from 7pm, so pop down a bit earlier if you want to grab some food or a drink.

Free entry.