Tales from the crypt-keeper

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In case you’ve somehow missed it, the RftS workshop is situated upstairs and therein dwells a hairy bearded man and a small crew of occasional co-workers. Despite this man’s at-times outwardly curmudgeonly appearance, he wants nothing more than to help get you and your machine back on the road and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing!

Over the past 11 weeks we’ve got well over 315 bikes in up down and out of our stairs and doors and rolling freely along the streets of Bristol once more.  We’ve covered everything from puncture repairs and new cables, through to our standard setup service (only £35!), all the way to hub gear services (a specialty) and even a few complete strip down and rebuild renovations including resprays, which we love!

Now that we’ve truly settled into the swing of things you can expect to hear a lot more about who, what, why and how we do things here at RftS towers. Despite being behind closed doors at times, the crypt is by no means a place to be afraid of!  Look out here for the latest news and views, workshop philosophies, special offers, events and masterclasses.

Oh, and if you want that bike servicing, you know where to find us. It’s 07596 917 963,  workshop@rollforthesoul.org  or simply drop in and get your name in that diary!

Peace and Grease, people. It’s good to be home!


Ryan and associated wrenchers