Dropping anchor at the Quay

Posted by: on Mar 15, 2013 | No Comments

The current Cafe CentralWe’ve got a home! Or at least we’ve signed the towering stack of documents that mean we’ll soon get one. Pretty much six months after we clapped eyes on the place we want, it’s finally a done deal. Phew.

We’ll be taking over what’s currently Café Central, on Quay Street in Bristol city centre. (Quay Street’s a continuation of Nelson Street, where the See No Evil street art festival has provided some amazing artwork on the buildings.)

There’s a lot of work to do, not least because we’ll bring the first floor of the building into use after many years of it just being a storage space. So we’re aiming to open around the end of June, in time for Bristol Cycle Festival in mid-July. We’ve already spent a lot of time planning the space and over the next few days we’ll be going around the building with contractors to get firm quotes for the work that we need pros for. Exciting times!

Quay Street isn’t Bristol’s most beautiful boulevard, but actually we feel kind of at home there. Roll for the Soul’s not all shiny and corporate, so it seems fitting that we set up camp somewhere with a certain urban charm. We hope you’ll feel at home there too. There’s a bit of a buzz around that part of town these days, with See No Evil and a few really nice coffee shops opening up on Small Street and Broad Street. So we’re really looking forward to being part of that and continuing to bring life to a part of the city centre that’s not always seen much love.

We won’t get the keys for a few weeks as the current occupant needs to wind their business down and sort all their stuff out. With a bit of luck we’ll be in to start work in mid-April. Keep an eye on the website, as we’ll try to post updates to show how the work’s going once we’ve started. It should be fun to see it take shape.

Finally for now, a couple of ‘thank you’s. Firstly to the Café Central folks for being so obliging in letting us poke around over the last couple of months. They’ve done way more to help than we had any right to expect and we genuinely appreciate it. And secondly to all the people who’ve supported Roll for the Soul so far, through crowdfunding and in lots of other ways. It’s taken a while, but we’re about to make it happen and we couldn’t do it without you.