Postcards from the road: sketches from Bristol to Brindisi

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Susie_ramsayFrom now until December 18, we’ll be hosting an exhibition of pen and watercolour sketches by local cycling artist Susie Ramsay. The exhibition,  in our upstairs meeting room, The Hub, presents 45 6″ x 4″ drawings from Susie’s recent 3,000 km cycle tour from Bristol to the heel of Italy, Brindisi.

The trip followed the classic route from Calais to Brindisi, designed by Audax UK, plus an additional Bristol to Dover section. These drawings started as an attempt to document the key moments of the trip. From the lonely flat plains of central France, to the mountain passes of the Alps and the busy Italian piazzas. Each postcard tells a story of a single moment or a particular scene that captured the essence of that day. Together the sketches tell the story of seven weeks of hills, headwinds and brutal heat.

Postcards of six of the sketches are available to purchase at the exhibition or through Susie’s website, which also has more information about her trip and her work.