Our first sponsored rider: Matt Jones

Posted by: on Jan 22, 2015 | No Comments

matt_jonesWe are definitely not from the school of thought that says riding a bike must mean permanent residence in the pain cave. It’s fun! It’s easy! That’s what you’ve gotta tell people who don’t ride, if you’re to convince them that they should.

That said, we’ve got a lot of respect for those rare fools who can turn themselves inside out for the sake of competitive riding, and our friend Matt Jones is one of them. So we’re chuffed that we’ll be sponsoring him through the 2015 season.

We’re not exactly BSkyB (thankfully), so sponsorship in this context means a combination of steering Matt away from the pizza buffet and towards a healthier diet, as well as looking after his race and training bikes so that both he and his rides are in tip-top condition come race day.

And “race day” is the term, because Matt’s an endurance rider and can often be found competing for 24 hours at a time. He’s had a pretty impressive couple of years, as his list of results shows.

- Relentless24, 2nd overall (1st in his age category)
- Manx100, 4th overall
- Bristol Bikefest Solo 12-hour, 3rd overall

- Bristol Bikefest Solo 12, 1st overall
- Bontrager 24/12 24-hour solo, 2nd overall
- WEMBO World 24-hour solo World Champion in his age category, 17th overall

Reading that makes me wonder how I’ve ever managed to go for a ride with him. I can only assume that he was taking it very, very easy!

Anyway, we’ll be following Matt’s season even more closely than usual. Our mechanical honour is on the line here! If you want to do the same, find him at mattjonesmtb.com or on Twitter @mattjonesmtb.