Make us a mixtape

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Roll for the Soul Spotify playlistKeen followers of RftS’s progress will by now be aware that sorting out premises takes time. Lots. Of. Time. But we have moved forward over the last couple of weeks. The short story is that we’ve been enjoying (?) some intensive wrangling with the landlord of the place we’re after, trying to ensure that we get an affordable deal. Everyone who’s invested in this project deserves to have their money used wisely, so although it’s taking a while to get things up and running, we’re sure that slowly and carefully is the right way. We will, eventually, catchy monkey.

But there’s plenty else going on besides efforts to secure our home. Not least some beautiful rides on days when you could just about get a whiff of spring in the air. Perhaps the nicest was out to Timsbury, west of Bath, with a few of the Bristol Bike Project crew. We stuck to the time-honoured formula of a loop along rolling country lanes, with a coffee and cake stop midway. (Props to The Connies Tea Room. Well worth a visit.) This is an important part of training for the forthcoming LVIS audax, a highlight of Bristol’s cycling calendar which tests the cake-eating capacity of even the most seasoned scoffer. See you on March 24 if you’re one of the lucky ones with a place.

We’ve also been working on layout and designs for the RftS space (see, we are confident of getting this lease nailed soon). As usual we’ve had help from a bunch of lovely people who’ve given generously of their time. It was great to meet Anna-Clare from WECIL (West of England Centre for Inclusive Living), who talked us through the basics of accessibility and creating a space that meets the needs of a range of users. And our old buddy Jay Robinson (he who produced our beautiful logo) has been giving us the benefit of his design wisdom. We’d like your help too. Seen something that you think we should include in our fit-out? Know a café whose style you love and think we should learn from? Got an innovative use for old bike bits? Then let us know at

And finally, something else we’d like your help with. The RftS iPod has a ‘bikes’ playlist on it, but it’s a sad and under-populated thing. So we’d like you to chip in with your suggestions for our Spotify playlist, here. Just follow the link and add your songs. Easy. There are just three rules.

  1. The lyric must include the words ‘bike’ or ‘bicycle’, or it must name a bike part in the context of it being a bike part. (So you couldn’t have Foo Fighters’ Wheels ‘cos it’s nowt to do with bikes, see?)
  2. You must not add Queen’s Bicycle Race.
  3. You really must not add Queen’s Bicycle Race.

Thanks to Tom Robinson on 6 Music for ‘lending’ us the idea. It’ll be fun for us to see what you come up with, and hopefully it’ll be fun for you to hear your contributions played in RftS in the not-too-distant future.