Keeno’s Comedy Krackdown (Fri Oct 24)

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Keeno_comedyReleased from the shackles of Blankety Quizdom for one night, your host Keeno will enthral and entertain you with words, pictures, sounds and love.

“Breath-takingly surreal, heart-warmingly daft, wonderfully low-brow and a welcome break from the day to day grind of reality in this fading world.” These are all things that Keeno would love the show to be. Can he hit the mark? Will he blow your socks off? Will Brian Blessed and Terry Wogan appear? How much is a pint of milk? Can he force a little bit of wee to come out? All these questions and less will be answered in the lovely surroundings of the upstairs room in Roll for the Soul.

Jokes, banter, animations, songs, impressions, hits, missus, warmth, joy, pain, joy again.

He puts the “Random” into “A night of pure comedy that tries to understand the whole existence but comes off as a load of random funny things”


Early-bird: £3 (We actully have no idea how one obtains an early-bird ticket. Best to see the Blankety Quiz Facebook page and ask Keeno there.)

On the night: £5