It’s not all about the bike: bike fitting and physio session (April 2, 1pm – 2pm)

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Scott_CBristol-based physio, bike fitter at Bike Science, and endurance mountain bike racer Scott Cornish will be running another lunchtime session (1pm – 2pm)to get you properly set up on your bike for maximum comfort and efficiency.

As well as bike fitting, the session will include exercise routines to keep you in tip-top shape. It’ll be a mixture of theory and practical.

Come along to learn the basics of setting your bike up well. Improve comfort, reduce aches and pains, and improve efficiency and performance. Learn about your body, too. How muscular length, posture, strength and balance can have a huge impact.

Scott is an endurance cyclist and racer, and has experienced many cycle related injuries over the years. One of the reasons he became a physiotherapist and bike fitter was to better understand how to address his personal aches and pains, and to be able to advise fellow riders. He currently rides for Niner Bikes, Ergon, MuleBar and GoreBikeWear®.

£8 payable at the session. If you’d like to book a place please email Scott direct at