Film screening: ‘Echanges Paysans’ (‘Reclaim the Fields’)

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echanges_paysansFrench documentary maker Caroline Le Crouhennec reveals, through sensitive filming, a small- and medium-scale agriculture which is both modern and original.

Simple testimonies in this documentary explore the ways in which small-scale farmers deal with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which influences agriculture across Europe.

This film documents an encounter between French and Romanian small-scale farmers. They exchange ideas and experiences through their daily work: milking, cheese-making, hay-making, harvesting, looking after the ewes. They discover or recognise daily gestures, differences and commonalities in their work. They share in common the effects of the CAP.

These small-scale farmers act within the freedoms and constraints of their work, each seeking independence in work and thought, within the realm of what is possible.

And Caroline will be on hand for a chat too, as she takes her film around the UK.

Free entry, but donations welcome to cover Caroline’s costs.