Buy these things and be happy, attractive and successful

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Roll for the Soul organic cotton t-shirtsThe season of rampant consumerism has eaten us and spat us out again. So what better way for us to celebrate the dawn of another year than by trying to sell you stuff? We’ve now got a little retail corner downstairs in the cafe rather than all tucked away up in the workshop, so have a look for cycling essentials, accessories and gifts. 

There is plenty more upstairs, of course, but at least downstairs you can now see a good selection of our lights (including Knog and Cateye), locks (Kryptonite and Magnum) and a few other morsels like track pumps and security skewers. And some rather nifty Ortlieb panniers in RftS red.

And up on the first floor we have SKS and Crud mudguards, Conti and Schwalbe tyres, tubes of every flavour, wheels, loads of components and, of course, the odd bike (some actually are quite odd). Component-wise it’s mostly Shimano. You know why? Because it works. Which is basically the thinking behind everything we stock. There are plenty of places where you can buy all the shiny bling you like, but we want to offer stuff that’s useful, good quality and good value. Stuff we actually use ourselves.

That applies to our clothing too. We stock Whackjob and Trail 42, both local companies with a strong emphasis on ethical production, comfort and good construction. You could do a lot worse than get yourself a jersey from either of ‘em. We’ve also just got a bunch of nifty Boneshaker Mag cycling caps which are a snip at £11, as well as our own organic cotton RftS t-shirts and Bristol Bike Project tees.

See you at the till, then.