Autumn and Security Deals: 20% OFF LOCKS! 10% off MUDGUARDS! £5 off Servicing!

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Autumn-riding2-300x214 Phwoar! Getting a bit chilly isn’t it!  A mini Indian summer may well be just around the corner (may…) but you can’t deny that autumn and all that wet stuff will definitely be on the way soon.

Now, we’re not here to put a downer on things; quite the opposite. We want you, dear riders, happy and smiling and what better way to achieve that than to treat your bike to one of our lovely setup services or buy some new bling for it before it starts getting wet?  As such we’re announcing two brand spanking new seasonal offers: a fiver off of the setup service (£30, not £35), and 10% off all mudguards; an essential for keeping road grime and rain out of the drivetrain and off you, reducing wear and tear and further servicing costs. That, and nobody likes soggy feet.

Ryan’s just bought a pair of SKS Longboard’s (£35) for his Thorn Raven Sports Tour, Rob’s equipped his spiffily upgraded Kona Jake with a pair of similarly priced P35′s and for those on more of a budget SKS commuters are £20 in this deal but are still rock solid and full coverage.  Then there’s all the Raceblade stuff for the Roadies and those that want minimalist clean lines and weight saving, or crud catcher type affairs for them there dirty MTBers. Just mention that you saw these two offers on the blog and we’ll apply them to your purchase.

Finally something really special for everyone. We’re all about supporting Bristol’s cycling community and there’s nothing we dislike, nay, hate, more than stolen bikes. It’s like having your soul ripped out! So we’re proud to announce that from here on in Roll for the Soul will be offering a whopping 20% off all locks and other security items for as long as we possibly can. We always have a good range of Kryptonite goodies in store and if you’d like anything extra special then we’re sure to be able to source that for you. Stolen Bristol Bikes is a brilliant community-led website helping to tackle the scourge of bike theft in the city and has plenty of excellent advice on how to lock up and store your bike and we’re happy to help in that mission.

Peace and Grease People!

The Roll for the Soul spannering crew