Sponsoring things might seem a bit rich from a company that bangs on about being non-corporate. So here are the things we sponsor, and the reasons why.

Bristol CX


Local CX races embody everything that’s good about the ‘cycling community’. Riders also get involved in marshalling and organising races, it’s competitive but friendly and welcoming, and above all it’s about having fun with bikes. We’re delighted to have our logo on Bristol CX‘s lovely kit.

WTTA Hill Climb Series


That’s the Western Time Trial Association Hardrider Hill Climb Series to you and me. Which we sponsor for precisely the same reasons that we sponsor our local cross club. It’s grassroots fun with bikes. People pushing themselves, but remembering to enjoy it and make some friends at the same time.

Matt Jones

matt_jonesMatt Jones is a friend of ours. We go mountain biking with him. But he also goes mountain biking without us, at events like the World Endurance MTB Championships (where he won his age category in 2014). He’s not a terribly good mechanic though, so we look after his bikes for him in the workshop.